Driveway Grates & Automated Gates

Protecting your driveway is critical for deer security. Deer Fencers – A Division of Sabia Landscaping offers many options of driveway protection to suit any requirement.

In addition to the main fence around your property, Deer Fencers also has a range of fencing installation options for your driveway. We can install fences that have access points that you can use to get in and out of your drive way. For those who are looking for something a bit more ornate, Deer Fencers has a beautiful selection of decorative driveway gates that will accent the exterior beauty of your home. From sliding gates to swing gates, we can supply you with a fence that will look fantastic and still be effective.

Perhaps you would like to leave your fence with an opening, but still want to keep deer out of your yard. No need to worry! Deer Fencers also installs deer grates that very effectively and cleverly prevent deer from entering your yard through your driveway entrance. The way this system works is it creates a ground surface that is easily walked over or driven over by humans but cannot be crossed by deer. They can be painted any color that best match its surroundings so that they won’t be visually distracting from any of the natural beauty of your yard.

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Rust Resistant Driveway Deer Grates

Rust Resistant Driveway Deer Grates

Aluminum Fence With Automatic Driveway Gate

Aluminum Fence With Automatic Driveway Gate



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