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Deer Fencers – A Division of Sabia Landscaping offers many styles of farm and horse fencing.  From traditional post & rail paddock fences, to high tensile steel, we can design a fence system that will be cost effective, provide the best security for any type of livestock and make a beautiful visual statement on your property. Our fence experts have many years of experience working with pet owners to construct the best system for your needs.

Deer Fencers also offers fencing systems to keep your pets safe and secure. We offers many types of low visibility pet fences that will keep your dogs and cats on your property and keep invited guests out.If you are interested in a more traditional approach, we can help you design a secure decorative fence system as well. Always remember that fences are for short term, supervised pet containment. If you are seeking a longer term dog security, a true kennel system is your only solution!

Wood Post & Rail Horse Fence

Wood Post & Rail Horse Fence

HDPE Post & Rail Horse Fence

HDPE Post & Rail Horse Fence

Some of the options that we recommend:

Post & Rail:  A traditional look in horse country throughout America. Use with square, round or faced posts. This fence is often stained with a black stain to create a look so common on Virginia horse farms.

Slip Board:  Similar to split rail but using flat rails. An excellent choice for rolling terrain.

No Climb Woven Wire Horse Fence:  2” x 4” mesh protects horses from catching their hooves while the unique “S” knot provides as smooth surface to protect the animals skin and coat. Can be attached directly to posts or used in combination with post and rail fencing.

HDPE Post & Rail:  High Density Poly Ethylene is fast becoming the preferred material for paddock and perimeter fencing.  Strong, long lasting and virtually maintenance free.  Available in 8 colors

Electric Fencing:  Single or multi strand High Tensile smooth wire, Rope or PVC Coated wire, electric fencing may be the most cost effective solution.

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