Wood Removal & Brush Removal

Depending on what type of tree service you receive, Sabia Landscaping & Tree Service offers the most efficient way of clearing all wood, brush and stumps – which may remain once the actual tree work is performed upon request.

Most residential work requires a simple hauling-away of the wood.  For this we utilize a premier piece of equipment which helps to cut costs to both parties as well as alleviates strenuous, time-consuming and often hazardous labor for our employees.  An S-600 mini skid steer, aka “The Mini Loader” can fit through a 36″ gate and removes wood in a timely, safe and completely efficient manner.  For a multi-tree or over sized tree clearing however, it may prove cost effective for all parties to utilize our log truck service.

Another option is having the wood cut up for firewood.  Some of our customers may opt to do this considering it could possibly reduce a portion of the cost – depending on the location of the job and on-site requirements.

Although some wood may need to be removed, more often than not 50% of what is being removed is in the crown.  This part of the tree is almost always sent through the wood chipper.  Ours is maintained daily for optimal function on all jobs.  The blades are kept sharp and it is constantly greased so it will work hard and fast, thereby saving our company and our customers time and hard-earned money in labor.

Upon the removal of a tree, an ugly stump remains.  This could be a dangerous obstacle for people walking on your property.  The SABIA staff will grind and remove the stump and fill in the hole with soil to preserve the beauty of your lawn.

A meticulous clean-up is performed at the time the work is completed.  Once a tree is removed along with its stump, all wood and debris are removed as well.  The area is then gone over by the entire SABIA crew with rakes and blowers and will ultimately be left “landscape-ready”!


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Due to the quality of our work, SABIA Landscape & Tree Care is pleased that we have many testimonials to offer you.

Please take some time to read through a few of the thank-yous that we’ve received from our customers for whom we have done work in the past.

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