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Sabia Landscaping provides weekly garden and lawn service along with as-needed garden and lawn maintenance. Our landscape design services beautifully enhance both new and established properties. Weekly landscaping services can include everything from mowing and plant bed maintenance to comprehensive property management programs. We also assist many client’s moving from winter to spring, spring to summer, or summer to fall with mulching, leaf removal, planting, and other as-needed services, such as sprucing up properties for special events to make gardens and lawns look their very best.

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Let Sabia Landscaping turn that unused corner of your yard into a stunning patio or outdoor living space! From simple patios to fully functional outdoor fireplaces, Sabia combines creative design and quality workmanship resulting in a beautiful enhancement to your home. Our staff has over 30 years of experience in assisting customers with designing the landscapes of their dreams. Our past projects include stone and paver walkways, brick sidewalks, decks, patios, fountains and ponds, fire pits, driveways, and retaining walls.  We not only tailor our design to fit your style but we work with you to ensure that your needs are met and that you receive quality products that fit your budget.

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Deer Fencers – A Division of Sabia Landscaping is a professional installation company founded in response to the numerous requests from customers looking for professional and dependable fence installation. Deer Fencers is now the ultimate solution for ALL of your fence installation needs! Our services include various types of decorative and custom fencing shown below. We will strive to provide a complete solution to each project, regardless of how big or small the undertaking might be, offering the best INTEGRATED fencing solution possible.

Snow Removal Service

Snow Removal and Ice Management

Keeping people and traffic moving safely around during the height of a 20+ incher is not for a lawn cutter with a plow on the front of his truck. Commercial Snow Removal has the power to handle hundreds of sites throughout PA and New Jersey with superior precision, cutting-edge equipment, and top-notch safety.

From “mission critical” facilities such as just-in-time distribution centers or emergency responder headquarters (where we may be on-site throughout a significant cold-weather event) to office parks, factories, and transit operations; our broad capabilities provide superior snow and ice removal service for our clients, every time.

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Sabia Landscaping is a family-owned business that treats every client as an extension of their own family.​​ We understand that your home, business, or office represents so much more than just a house or a building. Sabia appreciates, respects, and values your trust in us to provide expert attention and hassle-free care. Services for Philadelphia, Bucks, and Montgomery County homes include landscape planning, lawn and garden maintenance, pond and water feature design and construction, tree care and removal, and stone and paver patios, walkways, and walls.

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