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5 Reasons to Use Pavers Over Decorative Concrete

Understanding the Differences between these Popular Hardscape Options

Whether you are creating a space for your next hot tub, building a firepit area, or creating a new porch in your backyard, two primary options for these spaces are pavers and decorative concrete. Traditionally, concrete was the medium of choice for creating outdoor living spaces, but today, more homeowners realize the value of pavers.

If you find yourself debating between pavers and decorative concrete surfaces for your hardscape project, it is better to know the key differences between the two.

5 Key Benefits of Using Pavers Instead of Concrete

For a redo of your patio, building a new walkway in your freshly landscaped backyard, or creating an outdoor living space, deciding between concrete and pavers does not have to be complicated. Instead, the decision becomes rather easy once you understand these five key differences:

  1. Upfront Installation Costs and Long-Term Investment Returns – Any time you upgrade or add to your home, you want a return on that investment. Likewise, you have a budget for these renovation projects. At first glance, pavers seem expensive, but when you consider the long-term savings, pavers make more sense. Pavers do not wear away as quickly as concrete, which means you will have fewer repair and replacement costs, and within a year, you will see that they pay for themselves. Moreover, you only have to replace a single paver instead of an entire concrete slab if damage occurs.
  2. Installation Speed – You want to enjoy your outdoor living space as quickly as you can. Concrete takes time, primarily decorative concrete. Not only is there a lot of prep work involved, but after pouring, the concrete cannot have any weight for several days until it cures fully. Pavers do take time to select, and you have some prep work, but when you compare overall installation speed, pavers are done in a day while concrete takes much longer.
  3. Easy Repairs – When your concrete slab erodes, or you have cracks and pits, you may have to remove the entire slab or use a patch kit. With pavers, all you need to do is pull out the single paver stone that is broken and replace it. Concrete repairs can take a few days depending on the extent of damage, while a paver repair takes just hours.
  4. Easier Maintenance – Concrete is prone to fading, cracking, staining, and absorbing dirt. Pavers are not as absorbent, and they are not subject to fading, staining, or molding like concrete surfaces are, which means they are easier to maintain and hold up their appearance longer.
  5. Unlimited Design Options – If you want a customized space, you are limited to where you can create a concrete slab and pour that concrete. With pavers, you do not have the same limitations. You can create unique curves on a whim, and you can even extend an outdoor living space later on if you want to change the design; something you cannot do with concrete.

Build a Beautiful Hardscaped Area Using Pavers

If you are ready to create an outdoor living space, or you need help building a walkway in your yard, let the design professionals at Sabia Landscaping & Tree Services, Inc. help. We have over 30 years’ experience in hardscape, and we know how to build a beautiful space using custom paver stones. 

Get a quote for your next paver stone project by contacting the team at Sabia Landscaping & Tree Services, Inc. Call us at (215) 822-3886 or contact us online. 


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