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Your Professional Landscaping Company Offers Useful Design Guidelines

When you are looking to add an attractive entryway to your property, a paved walkway could be a unique feature in your front yard. If increasing your home’s curb appeal is on your mind, a paved driveway may be just the right solution for you. If you want to demarcate a space for grilling, chilling and entertaining in your backyard, a paver patio will do the job perfectly. 

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Seed or Sod? How to Choose

Learn the Pros and Cons from Your Trusted Lawn Care Professionals

Have you moved into a new property and inherited a less-than-spectacular turf? Is your existing lawn ridden with weeds or looking tired due to bald spots? Does your neighbor’s lot always feature a thick, smooth, green coat of grass, as compared to your patchy, uneven yard? 

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Your Professional Lawn Care Services Company Suggests Now Is a Good Time

It is only a matter of weeks before the cold, grey landscape is speckled with green shoots, chirping birds and the first blooms of the season. As you count down to the pleasant temperatures and cheery spring days, it is also time to give a thought to your yard, and how you want to shape it through the next several months. A beautiful, healthy turf will not only add to your home’s curb appeal, but also serve as the perfect backdrop for your flower beds, vegetable patches, summertime barbecues and backyard parties. If you want that gorgeous, green Instagram-worthy lawn, now is a good time to plan your lawn care and maintenance activities for the entire year. 

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Plants that Thrive in Winter

Tips and Suggestions from Your Professional Landscaping Company 

In the thick of winter, shoveling your driveway and trying to stay warm takes up much of your time and effort. Is your grey, brown and frosty yard adding to your winter blues? Are you longing to see the rows of daffodils and daisies in your flower garden, or the shiny tomatoes and lettuce in your vegetable patch? If you thought that only the spring and summer foliage makes up a vibrant yard, you are in for a pleasant surprise. It is possible to add both color and texture to your winter garden right through the chilly, snow-filled months. Imagine a landscape with a slightly muted palette, dotted with evergreen trees and bold blooms that fight their way through the snow to add pops of color. There are several winter-hardy plants and shrubs that thrive during the colder months. Read on to know which garden inhabitants may work for your Pennsylvanian home.

Top 5 Plants that Stay Strong  in Winter 

Based on the USDA Hardiness Zone Map, Philadelphia and its surrounding counties fall under hardiness zones 7A and 7B. Here’s a look at some of the plants and shrubs that do best in these zones during winter.

  1. Evergreen Holly (Ilex cornuta): With its distinctive leaves and brilliant red berries, the holly is associated with the holiday spirit, and rightly so! A hardy plant that thrives all over the United States, the evergreen holly can be a colorful, easy-to-prune, privacy hedge for your yard. 
  2. Snowdrops (Galanthus nivalis): A perfect choice to cover the areas around a tree, or under other evergreen shrubs, snowdrops produce white, bell-shaped flowers that pop out even through a thick layer of snow. Depending on the variety, these plants grow up to 15 to 25 centimeters.
  3. Camellias: If you are looking for a winter show-stopper with glistening, evergreen leaves and flowers that range from pale pink to bright red, the camellias will not disappoint. Most varieties grow about 3 meters high.
  4. Coral Bells (Heuchera): An ideal plant for moderately moist, shady areas, coral bells lend a colorful foliage to your garden, well into the cold and frosty months.
  5. Wintergreen Boxwood: Create a beautiful contrast of green against the white, snow blanket in your yard with the wintergreen boxwood. A versatile shrub, wintergreen boxwood will make for an interesting hedge in any yard, big or small.
  6. Bergenia (Bergenia cordifolia): These evergreens feature bronze or mauve, heart-shaped leaves, along with vibrant, leathery flowers in shades of white, lilac or deep purple. A pleasant addition to the winter garden, bergenias grow up to 0.5 meters tall.
  7. Hellebores: Ranging from white, to pale pink and maroon, hellebores bloom around January, with the plants growing up to 40 centimeters tall. Given their time of flowering, they lend an attractive backdrop to your winter landscape as you usher in the New Year.

With a little imagination and the right choice of plants and shrubs, you will realize that there is round-the-year gardening potential that can lend your yard a distinctive personality. At Sabia Landscaping & Tree Services Inc., we understand how to select and manage the plants and trees that will survive the chilly Pennsylvanian weather. From designing winter gardens, to seasonal planting and pruning of shrubbery, we serve the residents of Philadelphia, Bucks and Montgomery County, and help them transform their barren landscape into a gorgeous, winter wonderland.

Looking to transform your yard into an all-season beauty? For all your tree care and landscaping needs, rely on the professionals at Sabia Landscaping & Tree Services Inc. Call us at (215) 822-3886 or contact us online and we will be in touch with you soon. 

Useful Advice from Your Professional Tree Care Company 

Have you recently experienced one of many snow storms this season? Spent hours managing a dreadful commute? Busy with multiple rounds of shoveling and ensuring your family is safe and warm? If what started off as a relatively benign winter has taken an eventful turn, it must be taking a toll on your lifestyle and surroundings. Once the storm passes, you will resume your regular routine, but the trees and shrubs around your home may still be reeling under the effects of the storm. 

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pool renovation hardscaping landscaping fencing

Tips from Your Local Landscaping Experts 

In the peak of summer while you are in your backyard, grilling and chilling with friends and family, you often think of ways to enhance your green space. Whether it is additional seating for entertainment and relaxation, more textures and colors in your garden foliage, or a better play area for kids, redesigning your backyard is always exciting.

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Insights from Your Professional Tree Services Company

A focal point of the holiday celebrations in millions of homes across North America, the Christmas tree represents an age-old tradition. Does your family bundle up like an Eskimo and trudge to the farms to pick out the perfect Christmas tree? If it’s one of your not-to-be-missed annual rituals, then you know that there is more to real trees than their appealing fragrance. These evergreens are free of any chemical residue and are completely biodegradable. They can be recycled for a number of purposes that benefit the overall ecosystem, including wildlife and nature. Moreover, if you purchase a fresh-cut tree, you are also helping the tree farmers and promoting your local economy.

To enrich your experience of selecting a Christmas tree, it is always interesting to know all about the various types of trees that grow in your region. As a professional tree services company, we at Sabia Landscaping & Tree Services Inc. have a deep understanding of fir, spruce and pine varieties that make for the ideal holiday centerpieces. Our arborists have decades of experience in managing the health and welfare of these trees, especially when the differing weather patterns impact their hardiness and foliage. Here’s a look at some of the Christmas trees grown in the northeast region, in and around Pennsylvania.

Pick Your Perfect Pennsylvania-Grown Christmas Tree

The Pennsylvanian ready-cut Christmas tree industry has been in existence since the mid-nineteenth century. With approximately 1,400 farms spread across 31,000 acres of the state, Pennsylvania is amongst the top producers of Christmas trees across the US.

  • Fraser Fir: An elegant, slender and fragrant tree, the Fraser fir has two-toned leaves. The top is deep green while the bottom is silvery white. Due to its shape, this tree is highly suitable for smaller spaces. 
  • Douglas Fir: With a typical pyramidal shape and dark green needles, this is a dependable and hardy variety among the cut trees. 
  • Scotch Pine: Due to its classic, conical shape and excellent needle retention, this is one of the most popular Christmas trees for the holiday season. Not only is it hardy and low maintenance, but its beautiful, bright green leaves add a charming touch to your space and festivities.
  • Eastern White Pine: A rich fragrance and long, soft green needles make the Eastern White Pine a great choice. This tree produces long, decorative cones and the length of the needles further enhances its attractive texture. 
  • Noble Fir: Featuring blue-green, densely set, needles, this tree is not as prickly as many of the other Christmas trees. With soft, non-prickly needles and well set branches, the Noble Fir could be a charming addition to your holiday traditions.
  • Colorado (Blue) Spruce: With silvery-blue needles, fresh piney smell and a classic pyramidal shape, this tree is an excellent addition to your Christmas celebrations. Interestingly, the prickly texture and strong fragrance make the blue spruce trees resistant to deer and are the preferred choice in areas with a large deer population.

Looking for more information about trees in the local areas? For all your tree care needs, choose a professional tree service company. Call Sabia Landscaping & Tree Services Inc. at (215) 822-3886. You can also contact us online and we will be in touch with you soon. 

Your Professional Landscaping Company Offers Tips on Decorating Shrubs with Christmas Lights 

It is that time of the year when there is that unmistakable buzz and excitement all around you. With the upcoming year-end festivities, you may be busy making holiday plans, preparing for family gatherings, planning Christmas presents or finalizing your New Year’s Eve party outfits. Another important decision that you will have to make soon, is how to illuminate your home this festive season. Whether it is the trimmings for your indoor tree, or the lighting and trinkets for your yard, planning your holiday beautification projects is an exciting and enjoyable experience for the entire family.

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Your Local Landscaping Experts Offer Seasonal Lawn Care Tips

When intermittent rains, blowing winds and leaves-strewn roads and yards are the order of the day, you know that winter is fast approaching. It is only a matter of weeks or days before the first frost sets in and the trees become completely barren. Although your yard needs care and maintenance before the turn of every season, some tasks may be more delightful than others. For example, planting your vegetable garden or flower beds at the start of spring definitely brings more joy than raking and blowing out leaves. However, in order to ensure a lush and healthy yard, it is important to carry out certain activities prior to winter. 

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Your Professional Landscaping and Tree Services Company Offer Fall Lawn Care Tips

As the season turns and the foliage around you sports a generous dose of red, amber and yellow, you will notice a beautiful contrast of these bright colors against your lush, green lawn. While you take in the scenic sights of fall, you may also wonder about the kind of care your yard needs at this time of the year. Although activities such as raking and mowing are at their peak in the summer months, there are some vital maintenance tasks that need to be timed through the rest of the year to ensure that your turf remains luscious and healthy year after year. 

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