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Gas vs. Wood Fire Pits – Which One is Right for You?

How to Transform Your Backyard with an Outdoor Fire Pit 

Fire pits can make a beautiful addition to your home’s backyard. Whether you are considering a fire pit for everyday use with the family or a special centerpiece for fancy occasions, this feature has the power to enhance the ambience and experience for everyone. Before choosing a fire pit for your outdoor living space, there are a few considerations to keep in mind. For instance, should you install a wood burning or gas burning fire pit? To help you weigh your options and make an informed decision, contact the professionals at Sabia Landscaping & Tree Service today.   

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Entertain Year-Round with Properly Planned Outdoor Living Spaces

How Adding the Right Combination of Hardscape and Landscape Offers Endless Outdoor Entertaining Potential

When summer is over, does your outdoor living space become obsolete? With the right combination of landscaping and hardscaping, you can turn your backyard into a year-round entertainment hotspot – even in the dead of winter.

Before the temperatures dip too far, why not rethink your home’s exterior? See if any of these upgrades can be added to boost your outdoor living potential so you can host parties regardless of the season outside.

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Tree Care Land Clearing

Is Your Yard Ready for Hurricane Season?

Remove Dead Trees from Your Property before the Storm Comes

Hurricane season for the Atlantic region starts in June, but it peaks August to end of October. If your property is not hurricane-proof yet, now is the perfect time to get started before the storms come.

In Pennsylvania, while we may not see the eye of the storm, our state definitely experiences the high wind speeds, flooding, and harsh downpours. When your yard is full of brush and dead trees, it increases the risk for significant property damage after a storm. To get ready for peak hurricane season, contact the professionals at Sabia Landscaping & Tree Service. We can help with your tree trimming, and even remove dead or dying trees, so that you do not have to worry about them potentially costing you thousands in property damage.

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Entertain with Style in the Fall

How to Create a Beautiful Entertaining Space Outdoors in the Fall Season 

Fall is all about the changing leaves, crisp temperatures, apple cider, and the craze of pumpkin spice everything. While the average temperature in Pennsylvania this time of the year is low to mid-’60s, it doesn’t mean you must pack everything up and move your entertainment inside.

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Creating an Outdoor Mancave

The Essentials You Need for an Outdoor Escape

Mancaves have traditionally been created in basements or garages, but why should you be limited to a cold, dark corner during summer?

Outdoor mancaves are becoming the new trend, and they are relatively inexpensive to create. Likewise, they give you an escape outside while still having privacy in your backyard. Whether you want a corner of the yard to sit back, enjoy a cup of iced tea, and watch the fire crackle from your firepit or you want a gourmet kitchen outside to grill and chill, do it the right way.

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Sabia pool renovation after3

5 Reasons to Use Pavers Over Decorative Concrete

Understanding the Differences between these Popular Hardscape Options

Whether you are creating a space for your next hot tub, building a firepit area, or creating a new porch in your backyard, two primary options for these spaces are pavers and decorative concrete. Traditionally, concrete was the medium of choice for creating outdoor living spaces, but today, more homeowners realize the value of pavers.

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Proper Grading: A Must before Landscaping or Hardscaping

Professional Landscapers Explain the Importance of Grading Your Property

Did you know that a properly leveled land, with correctly graded slopes can hugely enhance the life and efficiency of your property? If your yard surface is completely flat, or sloping towards your home, there is a good chance that the accumulating rain water will eventually seep inwards despite a strong, watertight concrete foundation. This can compromise the building materials and structure, leading to extensive water damage inside, as well as outside your home. 

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