Backyard Makeover during COVID-19

Update Your Backyard on a Budget

Are your summer travel plans scrapped due to COVID-19? As the world navigates through these unprecedented times together, it is important to remember that staying safe is always a good thing! You can still enjoy a memorable summer in your very own backyard.  While most events and festivals have been canceled, backyard celebrations are still a possibility as long as you exercise caution and stay within your family bubble. If you plan on making the most out of your backyard this summer, now is the perfect time to breathe new life into your outdoor living space. What’s more, you don’t have to spend a fortune on it to achieve the makeover of your dreams.

5 Ways to Give Your Backyard a Makeover on a Budget 

We understand that you may be working with a tight budget under the current circumstances. However, that shouldn’t stop you from creating a beautiful backyard space that will most certainly be put to good use this summer. 

With a lot of imagination and a little elbow grease, you can turn your backyard dreams into a reality on a budget. Here’s how:

  • Plan a Design: If you are eager to get started on your backyard makeover, it’s important to figure out what types of activities you plan on using your outdoor living space for. For instance, do you plan on doing a lot of gardening or would you rather have a yard that is low maintenance and ideal for sitting and relaxing with family? Create a list of your “must-haves”, and take measurements to see what improvements will work within your budget. 
  • Start Cleaning: If you are working on a budget, tidying up your yard on your own without relying on a professional can help you allocate these costs to something else. Start by removing weeds and other plants and shrubs you don’t want to keep in your yard. Clearing out the space can provide a big improvement to the space. 
  • Plant a Garden: Planting flowers and greenery is a simple yet effective way to introduce colour into your backyard. Before choosing plants for your yard, do some research to determine how to care for them. Some plants will require more care than others, so make sure you select the plants that will suit your particular lifestyle. 
  • Refresh Your Furniture: While it may be tempting to purchase a completely new set of furniture for your backyard, chances are you already have perfectly good pieces. There isn’t much that can’t be fixed but if you are in desperate need of something new or don’t already have patio furniture; you can find affordable items at flea markets, garage sales and various second-hand stores. 
  • Prevent Unwanted Critters: Now is a great time to address your fencing. If you notice any damage, it’s important to take care of it so you can fully enjoy your backyard. Not only will a properly functioning fencing system help you keep critters at bay but it will also give you privacy and security.     

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