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Balancing Hardscape vs. Softscape

The Difference Between Hardscape Elements and Softscape Elements

The difference between the two seems obvious. Understanding why the difference is important will not only help with balance, but it will allow your creativity to shine through. What will look best with brick? What will look better with that shrub? Where is the perfect placement for each? The list goes on.

Here are some examples of hardscaping options. 

  • Concrete
  • Brick
  • Stone

Here are some examples of softscaping options. 

  • Flowers
  • Shrubs(insert link about flowering shrubs here)
  • Succulents
  • Trees

Using Both Hardscaping and Softscaping

How to Achieve the Perfect Balance

You may not have thought of landscaping as architecture before, but in a way, it is! Like architecture, your landscaping needs balance as well. It may not fall over necessarily, but it will throw off the appearance if done in an unorganized way. One of the goals here is to add interest. If you’re going to add hardscape and softscape options, why not make it interesting? 

The balance between hardscaping and softscaping also provides structure. Here are a couple ways to offer just that.

  • Placement: Placing the softscape options within the hardscaping will keep it contained, for example.
  • Contrast: Hardscape options tend to be darker or neutral in color. Adding this next to a shrub, for instance, will add contrast which is more interesting to the eye.

It may be most helpful to select your hardscapes first. Square footage and/or acreage is an important consideration; therefore, you will be able to plan better where and what to choose. Starting with concrete? It’s recommended to complete that part and then go about selecting flowers, shrubs, etc. If it’s an odd shape, flowers might work best here. If it’s a square or circle, your options can lean towards what softscape options would fit best in the center. Enjoy the creativity as you plan.  

Are You Ready to Start Designing? 

We are here to help you execute the yard of your dreams. Allow us to assist you in the planning of adding both hardscaping and softscaping to your property. Creating a space that you enjoy is what motivates us to help our customers go home feeling confident in their design choices. 

For hard and softscaping services, including assistance with choosing, purchasing, and planting flowering shrubs, reach out to your professional landscape management company. Call Sabia Landscaping and Tree Services Inc. at (215) 822-3886 or contact us online to discuss your requirements.


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