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Cleaning Up Your Lawn and Garden After Winter

Useful Advice to Restore Your Lawn and Garden in the Spring

It was a long, harsh winter but spring has finally sprung. As the ice and snow melts away and your lawn and garden begin to emerge, you may notice that your yard could use a serious spring cleanup. Though you might be anxious to get out there and clean things up, there is a right and wrong way to do it. For instance, performing work that doesn’t need to be done during the spring, can actually damage your soil and plants. However, a thorough clean that is done properly will prepare your yard for a season of healthy growth and ultimately, help your home stand out.

How to do a Spring Lawn and Garden Clean-up the Right Way 

Go on and give your yard the kick start it needs after enduring the winter season. After all, spring cleanups are essential to ensuring your lawn and garden stays healthy all summer long. Here are a few easy steps to perform a spring garden cleanup and why it’s always best to work with a professional landscaping company:  

  • Make Sure Your Soil is Dry: If you begin your spring cleanup too early, you may be inadvertently compacting the soil. Soil compaction can make it challenging for plants to grow, so it’s best to wait for the soil to get dry before walking around in your garden. To test the soil, take a small handful and squeeze it into a ball. At waist height, drop the ball and if it remains in its shape, it indicates that your soil is still too moist. If the ball breaks, it may be safe for you to proceed with your cleanup. An easier way to determine whether or not you should be starting your cleanup is to contact your local landscaper. 
  • Make Way for New Growth: In the fall, you may have left old leaves and dead stems as resources for animals to take shelter during the during. However, it’s time to get rid of these materials in order to make way for new growth. You may also have to deal with and remove things like litter and animal waste that may have ended up on your property during the winter. Since some debris can be hazardous, you can rely on a professional landscaper to remove these materials from your property safely. 
  • Prune Trees and Shrubs: Even if you’ve protected your trees and shrubs from winter by wrapping them in burlap, removing the protective layer may still reveal winter damage. It’s important to carefully prune any damaged branches to encourage new growth. Additionally, if you have perennials, be sure to trim off any dead leaves or branches to also help boost new growth. Pruning is a delicate task, so if you have little experience and need professional help, reach out to your landscaping experts. 
  • Rake and Fertilize Your Lawn: If there is a thick layer of leaves on the ground, they should be removed or they may prevent new growth. Gently use a rake and add the excess leaves to your compost bin or save them to use as mulch. Or, you can scatter any extra leaves in between any larger perennials that are planted farther apart as an effective way to keep weeds from growing. Once your lawn is free from leaves, you can apply a fertilizer, or have a professional do it for you, to get it ready for your summer enjoyment.   

Find High-Quality and Affordable Seasonal Landscaping Services at Sabia Landscaping & Tree Service

To help you get your property ready for the upcoming summer season, reach out to the professionals at Sabia Landscaping & Tree Service. If you don’t know where to start or you’re unsure about what spring landscaping tasks need to be done, our team can give you expert advice along with our seasonal yard and garden services. Not interested in getting your hands dirty? No problem. We have the necessary tools and experience to assess your landscape and determine the right solutions to enhance your new or existing property. In addition to our spring cleanup services, we also offer fall yard maintenance to ensure your property remains beautiful and pristine all year round.    

For seasonal lawn and garden services, reach out to your professional landscape management company. Call Sabia Landscaping and Tree Services Inc. at (215) 822-3886 or contact us online to discuss your requirements. 


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