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Entertain with Style in the Fall

How to Create a Beautiful Entertaining Space Outdoors in the Fall Season 

Fall is all about the changing leaves, crisp temperatures, apple cider, and the craze of pumpkin spice everything. While the average temperature in Pennsylvania this time of the year is low to mid-’60s, it doesn’t mean you must pack everything up and move your entertainment inside.

In fact, fall is the ideal season for outdoor entertainment. You still have ample daytime and evening sunlight, but you now get cooler temperatures. Nobody is melting in the summer heat! To pull off fall entertainment just right, you need an outdoor space that is season-friendly, and ideally, one you can use and adjust all year to accommodate changes in weather.

Ideas for Prepping Your Fall Entertainment Space 

Priority Projects to Tackle before You Host Your First Fall Celebration

With the temperatures cooling down, the sun going down earlier, and the outdoors changing, you want to embrace everything there is to love about fall and make your exterior living space the entertainment hotspot of your home.

Here are a few ways you can create a perfect outdoor entertainment space that is fall-friendly:

  • Use Versatile Tables and Chairs: Fall does bring rain and wind, so you want patio furniture that can withstand the elements; not something you have to put away each time a sprinkle shows up (which fall is known for). At the very least, find something you can cover with a tarp, which means nothing too cumbersome.
  • Pick the Perfect Lookout Point: While everyone is outside enjoying the food and festivities, make sure that if your guests were to sit down in your entertainment space, they have a spectacular view. Whether it is a view of the water, mountains, or just the trees, think of focal points as you place the furniture.
  • Set the Mood with Custom Lighting: It does get dark sooner in the fall, but when the sun goes down, the party can continue outside. Install custom lighting throughout your backyard entertainment space, including lantern fixtures, overhead lighting, and string lights for accents.
  • Add a Firepit: With the temperatures rather brisk in the evening, a fire pit is a perfect place where you and your guests can sit down and stay warm while still engaging with one another. Try to design your firepit so that seating can circle around, giving everyone the opportunity for face-to-face interaction.
  • Update Your Existing Patio Surface: Is the concrete of your patio cracked? Discolored? Now is the perfect time to install a new surface, whether it is a custom-printed concrete, stone, or unique slab, you can revamp your patio surface so it is brand-new and ready to embrace fall entertainment.
  • Add Covers: You want a living space that remains cool but also protects your guests from the elements. Even with the rain outside, if you have a covered patio, everyone can go out, sit down, chat, and even enjoy a barbecued meal because no one has to stand in the rain. Patio umbrellas or retractable awnings are good options to consider.

Redesign Your Fall Entertainment Space with Sabia Landscaping & Tree Services Inc. 

If you are ready to revamp your home’s exterior and make it a fall-friendly entertainment mecca, let our hardscape designers get to work on your yard. We will look over your existing structures, see what we can add, and offer suggestions for improvement. Not only will we design, but we can install it too – saving you the hassle of rushing to DIY it before fall arrives.

See how the team of hardscape and landscape pros can help you transform your backyard. Call us at (215) 822-3886 or contact us online. 


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