Entertain Year-Round with Properly Planned Outdoor Living Spaces

How Adding the Right Combination of Hardscape and Landscape Offers Endless Outdoor Entertaining Potential

When summer is over, does your outdoor living space become obsolete? With the right combination of landscaping and hardscaping, you can turn your backyard into a year-round entertainment hotspot – even in the dead of winter.

Before the temperatures dip too far, why not rethink your home’s exterior? See if any of these upgrades can be added to boost your outdoor living potential so you can host parties regardless of the season outside.

Ideas for a Year-Round Entertaining Space Outside

There is no reason to go into hibernation just because summer is over. Instead, see if you can optimize your outdoor living spaces and make them all-season ready by adding a few of these great design ideas:

  • Install an Outdoor Fireplace: Instead of using a firepit, which leaves you exposed to the elements, why not create a backyard patio with a built-in fireplace. This lets you entertain despite colder temperatures, keeps the patio area warm, and if your patio is covered, you can entertain even while the snow falls outside.
  • Add a Heated Pool: One of the best things about a pool is that you can use it year-round if you have a heating unit installed. Heated pools let you enjoy swimming and adjust the temperature, so it is comfortable even when the daytime temperatures drop. Why not add a hot tub with a waterfall feature while you are at it? You can still enjoy your hot tub year-round. 
  • Add a Covered Patio and Entertainment Zone: If you have not done so already, now is the time to add in your entertainment hotspot in your backyard. Have it extending off the back (like a porch) but covered, and even possibly with a wall or two to block any winds that might bring rain and snow onto the porch. A covered entertainment space outdoors lets you continue to enjoy your patio without worrying about rain or snow.
  • Add an Outdoor Kitchen: Why cook indoors just because the weather is chilly? You can prepare to cook outside by adding a kitchen or grill unit to your covered entertainment space. Enjoy freshly grilled chicken and steak even when the snow is falling – and no need to bundle up and stand in the snow while you grill it either!

Let the Hardscape Specialists at Sabia Landscaping & Tree Service Help You Enjoy Your Home’s Exterior All Year 

At Sabia Landscaping & Tree Service, we want you to enjoy your outdoor living spaces regardless of the season. Who says that you cannot go outside and have a nice cup of coffee with a fire on your patio in the middle of January? Why not host part of your Thanksgiving feast on your outdoor patio? 

We will not only help you design year-round friendly exteriors, but we can help install and even maintain your space so that you will truly enjoy every aspect of it, regardless of the season.

Contact our team today to schedule your hardscape design consultation. Call us at (215) 822-3886 or contact us online. 


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