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Fire Pit and Outdoor Kitchen Safety Tips

Helpful Tips from the Hardscaping Professionals at Sabia Landscaping & Tree Service

There is something really special about gathering around a roaring fire pit, cooking and sharing your meals with loved ones outdoors. However, it’s important to be aware of outdoor fire pit and kitchen safety procedures. This helps ensure that you are safe from things like food-borne illnesses or cooking related accidents so you can focus on getting the most out of your experience every time. 

4 Important Fire Pit and Outdoor Kitchen Safety Tips to Remember 

Fire pits have become an extremely popular outdoor accessory. By keeping the following safety tips in mind, you can significantly reduce your likelihood of personal injury or property damage: 

  • Contain Your Fire: One of the most important safety tips is to keep your fires small and avoid using accelerants. A contained fire is easier to manage and significantly reduces the potential for an accident to occur. Additionally, always check the weather before using any outdoor accessory as windy days can be risky, even for a contained fire. 
  • Remove Combustible Materials: Avoid possible issues by taking time to remove leaves or other combustible materials that are located near your fire pit. This will help reduce the chances of your fire accidentally spreading to other areas. 
  • Build it a Safe Distance from any Structure: To keep a fire from causing undesirable damage, design a hardscape plan where your fire pit or outdoor kitchen is located at least 10 feet from your home or wooded areas. Make sure the surface you want to build it on is level and outside of high traffic areas. 
  • Do Not Leave the Area Unattended: If you have an active fire going in your fire pit or your outdoor kitchen is in use, never leave the area unattended. Make sure that your guests and family maintain a safe distance from open flames, especially if there are children and pets involved. Additionally, if you are cooking outdoors, don’t leave any perishable food unattended for prolonged periods of time or you risk bacteria growth. Finally, when the fire is ready to be put out, completely extinguish the fire with cold water until the embers stop glowing.

Turn Your Hardscaping Dreams Into Reality with Sabia Landscaping & Tree Service  

Are you ready to transform your yard into a relaxing retreat? Let Sabia Landscaping & Tree Service help you enhance your home with creative designs and quality craftsmanship. If you’re envisioning a fire pit or outdoor kitchen on your property, rely on our team to help. We have over 30 years of experience in assisting homeowners like you with realizing their backyard goals. No matter what your vision or budget, we are committed to providing all our clients in the Delaware Valley with exceptional hardscaping services.  

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