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How to Prepare Your Lawn and Garden for Warmer Weather

Helpful Advice to Keep Your Lawn and Garden Thriving all Summer

The long-awaited summer season is right around the corner! It’s time to get your lawn and garden in shape for the coming warmer weather. Working around the yard is hard work, so one of the first things you should make sure of is that you are physically ready. While it’s exciting for many homeowners to get back outside, it’s also important that you don’t hurt yourself, so don’t forget to stretch. Another big part of staying safe while attending to your lawn and garden is to wear the appropriate clothing. Protect your feet with quality, close-toed footwear, wear a hat to help keep you cool and don’t forget the sunscreen or insect repellent, especially where ticks are a concern. If you need assistance or would rather hire the professionals to take care of your seasonal lawn and garden maintenance, the technicians at Sabia Landscaping & Tree Service are here to help.

5 Tips for Summer Lawn and Garden Care

When it comes to most landscaping projects, success is usually dependent on getting a head start before growing season gets into full swing. That makes spring the perfect time to start preparing your property if you’re striving for that lush garden and a healthy, green lawn this summer. Here are a few important steps you can take to prepare your lawn and garden for the warmer weather months: 

  • Clean Up: Winter can wreak havoc on your lawn, so before you can even begin planting, it’s important to tidy up any debris that is scattered around your yard. This includes cleaning up things like twigs, branches, stones, thatch and dead leaves. Use a rake to gather debris into various piles and rake them into yard waste bags.  
  • Aerate: Over the years, your soil becomes compacted from foot and lawnmower traffic. If the soil is tightly compacted, any fertilizer or rain will just run off the top. Fortunately, aeration can help you fix this potential problem. Aerating your lawn allows oxygen, moisture and nutrients to filter through, which ultimately results in stronger roots and much healthier, greener grass. 
  • Fertilize: Apply a layer of slow-release fertilizer to your lawn for best results in the summer. The nutrients in this type of fertilizer will break down slowly over a longer period of time so you don’t have to apply it as frequently. However, choosing the right fertilizer for your lawn and how frequently it is applied, depends on the type of grass you have. So, it is always best to consult a professional before making your selection. 
  • Water: It’s important to keep your plant and grass roots in mind when preparing your lawn and garden for summer. Most lawns will need at least an inch of irrigation every week during the peak growing season. This method of irrigation will allow the water to reach the deep roots, helping your grass withstand the intense heat of the warm weather months. Make sure to water your lawn and garden in the early morning or evening so that it has time to absorb the moisture instead of drying out in the day time. 
  • Mow: Mid-to-late spring is the ideal time to bust out the lawn mower. Avoid cutting more than one-third from the top of your grass to ensure it can continue to grow and remains vibrant in color. Keeping your lawn a little longer in the peak summer months can also help it retain more moisture, making your grass much stronger. 

Contact Sabia Landscaping & Tree Service to Get Your Yard Summer Ready

Summer is going to be here before you know it. Make sure your lawn and garden are ready with expert help and advice from the professionals at Sabia Landscaping & Tree Service. Not only can we prepare your yard for summer, but we also provide seasonal maintenance services to ensure your property remains healthy and beautiful, even throughout the hottest days of the year. If your yard needs a little extra TLC, make sure to check out our other landscaping and hardscaping services to upgrade your outdoor living space. 

For seasonal lawn and garden services, reach out to your professional landscape management company. Call Sabia Landscaping and Tree Services Inc. at (215) 822-3886 or contact us online to discuss your requirements. 


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