Pavers vs. Concrete

How to Choose the Right Material for Your Outdoor Living Space  

If you are planning on adding or replacing a walkway, patio or driveway, one of the first major decisions you will encounter is what type of paving material to select for your specific design. While some materials are more cost-effective than others, there are certain types that may be more durable or easier to maintain, proving your paving choice is of the utmost importance. Depending on your needs, pavers or concrete can provide you with several different advantages. With these two options in mind, it can still be a tricky task to determine which paving material is most suitable to your needs. Let us help you by introducing you to the pros and cons of each material so you can make the most informed decision for your home.   

The Pros and Cons of Pavers and Concrete

The entrance to your home and the area around your yard is the first thing guests, neighbors and passersby see. Pavers or concrete can significantly enhance the look of this area and make it stand out from the other houses on your street. While the choice between pavers or concrete may seem simple enough, the decision between which one to choose is not always straightforward. 

Read on to learn more about the unique properties of pavers and concrete to help you make your final decision:

  • Appearance: Pavers are typically more attractive than concrete slabs since they come in many different colors and can be altered to create interesting designs. While concrete may not provide you with these options, you can still select stamped or decorative concrete for an aesthetically pleasing appearance. 
  • Installation: Pavers are considered to be a little more challenging and time-consuming to install than a poured concrete slab since each paver must be laid individually. Once poured, concrete slabs are left to dry and cure which may take a couple days. However, once the area is dry, it is ready to be used. On the other hand, pavers require a little more planning, but it is recommended that you have a professional help you install both options.  
  • Costs: The cost for pavers or concrete depends on the area you need covered and what type of materials and labor are involved. Generally, however, poured concrete usually comes with lower installation costs whereas pavers require more time, which will result in a higher price range despite a similar cost per hour. 
  • Safety: If you have small children or are elderly, you may want to reconsider pouring concrete slabs. Concrete tends to get slippery when wet, especially if the slabs have been treated with a protective coating. Conversely, pavers do not have this issue when wet since they are individually placed, and can even feature raised edges to give you more grip. 
  • Maintenance: While concrete is fairly easy to maintain, it is prone to cracking, splitting and staining and may need replacing with time. Protective sealants can also be used to help protect against these damaging effects, but they need to be applied on a regular basis in order to work properly.  Pavers are not as easy to clean as concrete and one of the biggest concerns is weeds that have a tendency to grow in-between pavers. However, polymer sand can help interlock your pavers and minimize the chances of this happening. 

Contact Sabia Landscaping for Your Next Paver or Concrete Project

No matter which type of material you choose, the hardscaping specialists at Sabia Landscaping & Tree Service will ensure your outdoor living area is a safe, beautiful and practical space for the whole family to enjoy. With over 30 years of experience, our staff has the knowledge and expertise to help you design the landscape of your dreams. Some of our past projects include everything from paver patios to custom concrete projects and more. Whether you choose pavers or concrete, working with the pros will yield the best results. We can create and install your patio in addition to helping you learn how to maximize its benefits so you can enjoy it for years to come.

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