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Prep Your Trees for Hurricane Season

Advice from Your Professional Landscaping and Tree Service Company 

If you live in the Philadelphia area, you are familiar with the Atlantic hurricane season that lasts from June to November, with August to mid-October being the peak time for high winds and thunderstorms. While we have no control over this powerful and destructive natural occurrence, it is important to take certain precautions to make your homes and families hurricane-ready.

There are a number of steps you may take to secure your property. As you do that, you should also consider protecting the trees that add significant shade and scenery to your home and yard. Since they are highly susceptible to even a minor, level 1 hurricane, it is important to ensure that the trees on your property are healthy and strong. Here are some ways to minimize the damage to your trees and help them recover quickly after a storm.

Tips to Protect Your Trees from Storms and High Winds

The beauty of trees is that most varieties can typically survive for over a century. In fact, a vast majority of trees can stay intact through severe weather conditions, but, at times, human errors in the way the trees are planted or pruned may result in weaker structures or roots, and a shorter life span. Here are some measures you can adopt on a regular basis to increase the life of your trees, as well as protect them during hurricanes.

  • Prune the Trees: Trees with poor branch structure are most vulnerable to damage from high winds. Hire a certified arborist to evaluate the health of your trees and get them pruned by a professional tree service company. This will not only prevent broken limbs from causing destruction to your home or property, it will also help to avert a total loss of the tree. 
  • Fortify the Site: Tree roots extend three to five times the diameter of its canopy. It is quite possible that your home is sitting on the roots of trees that are in close proximity and that presents an imminent danger to your property if the tree is uprooted. To avoid trees from toppling during high winds and storms, top-up the soil and fortify the site before hurricane season begins. 
  • Use Cabling or Bracing: Trees with multiple trunks and large limbs or bark inclusions may need to be bound together with rods, cables or other bracing or propping systems in order to prevent them from separating or falling during inclement weather.
  • Remove Dead Trees: Trees that have irreparable structural damage are a liability during storms. Not only can they cause destruction of your property, if they are close to your neighbor’s yard, you may be held accountable for any damage to life or property on that side as well. If the trees on your property have dead branches, are low in vigor, or have a rotting or decaying trunk, hire your local tree service company to get the tree removed. 

Let Your Trusted Tree Services Company Ensure Your Tree Care and Safety

Trees are not only an important part of the ecosystem, they add immensely to the aesthetic appeal of your property. However, they will stay healthy, beautiful and safe only when they are looked after properly. Rely on the experienced team at Sabia Landscaping & Tree Services Inc. for all your tree care needs in and around Philadelphia, Bucks and Montgomery County. We have access to the latest tools and equipment and offer a number of services including, tree pruning, tree removal and emergency tree services. Our certified arborists and skilled technicians will ensure that your trees are nurtured with the care and attention they deserve.  

Choose a professional tree service company to keep your gentle giants safe and healthy. Call Sabia Landscaping & Tree Services Inc. at (215) 822-3886 or contact us using our online form and we will be in touch with you soon. 


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