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Professional Land Clearing Services in Philadelphia, Bucks & Montgomery County

If you are planning a new construction, home addition, or installation of pool, patio or other landscape features, your first step may be to clear the land. A professional land clearing service gives you a clean and bare piece of land, devoid of vegetation, existing structures, utilities, and drainage systems. For efficient land clearing in Pennsylvania using state-of-the-art tools and technology, consider Sabia Landscaping & Tree Service. Our team of skilled and experienced crew will assess your requirements and assist you with the most suitable solutions and services.

Here are some advantages of hiring us for your residential or commercial land clearing needs:

  1. Fire Safety: We meticulously remove dead and dry vegetation and leave behind mulch and earth. By minimizing fuel for potential blazes or wildfires, we minimize any fire related hazards.
  2. Land Protection: We refrain from traditional clearing solutions such as burning and slashing to ensure that damage to the original land is as little as possible. Equipped with the latest know-how and modern cleaning techniques, our talented team takes the necessary precautions to protect your land.
  3. Time Sensitivity: If your land is being cleared for commercial development, you may be on a rigorous schedule to build, sell and make a profit at the earliest. We understand the time sensitivity involved in such jobs. Our access to modern technology and equipment ensures that your land clearing requirements are met with speed and efficiency.

Whether you need to clear land to build a new structure, or just to create a clean, open space, call Sabia Landscaping & Tree Service at (215) 822-3886. You can also contact us using our online form and we will be in touch with you soon. 


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