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Why a Proper Base with Any Paver Project is Crucial

Have you ever witnessed cracked or uneven pavers? If so, you were witnessing a poorly installed, poorly maintained paver base. It may be an added step or an added cost, but it will save you money in the long term and help you avoid “quick fixes” that essentially do not last. Whether you are starting a walkway project or an outdoor project such as a space for summer entertainment like grilling and other activities, having that solid foundation is critical. It leaves you with an attractive, tidy, and safe paved surface. 

A Paver Base Requires Planning and Accurate Measurements

First, decide on what exactly you want for your paved space. What do you envision it to be? What will be on top of it – foot traffic, planters, a hot tub, an above-ground pool, vehicular traffic? Include all design aspects in your planning from the beginning. Cutting corners will only cause a serious setback and the money you ‘save’ today will be lost in no time. 

Here are a few useful tips and reasons to consider when in the “Planning Phase” for your paver project.

  • Measure: Measure the area properly with the appropriate tools. To estimate cubic yards of sand and gravel needed, let’s say, measure length and width then multiply the length and width to find the area in square inches. Multiply the area by the gravel depth in inches. If you are unfamiliar with this method, there are a variety of useful calculators available online. You will be able to plug your numbers in.
  • Maintenance: Many things are built on a solid foundation. It holds strength and stability. The same goes for paver projects! When properly installed, a paver base delivers the desired longevity. It may require future maintenance from time to time, but the cost and time savings will be worth it.
  • Selling Points: The housing market is picking up steam. This means that the lower the inventory, the higher the prices! Having a strong selling point is important to set you apart from other sellers in the market. If you’re looking to sell or considering it because it can create extra savings, paver projects might be on your task list to increase the value of your home for sale. Done the right way, this investment in your structure will go a long way towards delivering added market value through greater curb appeal. 

Contact Sabia Landscaping & Tree Service for Efficient, Lasting, Paved Spaces

Summer is here! It’s the best time of year to get work done outside around your home. Take advantage of the timing and tackle any paver project you have in mind. Add years and value to your home with Sabia Landscaping on your side. 

For seasonal lawn and garden services, including paver projects, reach out to your professional landscape management company. Call Sabia Landscaping and Tree Services Inc. at (215) 822-3886 orcontact us online to discuss your requirements.


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